ANNAGRAMMATICA (originally Better Documents) was founded in
    1985 in Hutchinson, Kansas. Though our plan was to write
    promotional materials (working with marketing & PR firms and
    directly with small businesses), at least 75 percent of our early
    revenue came from (1) editing, (2) ghostwriting, and (3) selling
    stuff on eBay,where there was a gratifying if bewildering torrent
    of demand for women's jackets with shoulder pads that could
    double as pet beds.

    Continuing to serve Kansas clients, in 1988 Better Documents
    moved its offices to Tucson, Arizona, and focused on rebranding
    as part of a two-pronged growth strategy: Prong One, withdrawing
    from the eBay outmoded-attire market due to running out of
    inventory; and Prong Two, changing our name to Zero Gravity,
    which, by being irrelevant to our mission and purpose, spotlighted
    our dedication to clear, elegant communication as well as our
    joyous and "quirky" brand identity, which, via exhaustive market
    research, we found was not well served by the name Better
    Documents. A member of one of our focus groups observed that
    Better Documents "sounded dated, like we were selling
    Mimeograph machines."

    MARY CAMPBELL is a writer,
    musician, and certified meditation
    instructor whose award-winning
    poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have
    appeared in scores of periodicals,
    almost none of which she published
    herself just so she could say "scores"
    instead of merely "dozens." A
    longtime writer and editor at the
    University of Arizona, Mary is the
    author or coauthor of more than
    twenty books. Unbelievable, right?
    Plus, she
has written or cowritten hundreds
(seriously, hundreds) of songs,
poems, stories, essays, news and
magazine features, blog posts,
podcasts, and 14-page mail-
marketing letters warning of
brassiere-borne pathogens and what
you must do now to prevent
cleavage fungus;
has composed for and directed
children's and adults' choirs;
has led church-school, preschool,
and meditation classes;
has taught in a nationwide children's
ballroom-dance program;
has produced three children and,
indirectly, nine grandchildren.

PAPER | INK: Annagrammatica
uses only recycled papers and
remanufactured ink cartridges.
make our own janitorial
products using vinegar, tea-
tree oil, baking soda, lemon
juice, hydrogen peroxide, and
other environmentally friendly
LIGHTING:  We use compact
fluorescent bulbs (and
AUTO FUEL: No one at  
Annagrammatica International
HQ even OWNS a motor

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'Life loves you.... Just say thank you"'
    In 2003 we opened our new global headquarters in Omaha,
    Nebraska, selecting high-efficiency real estate and streamlining our
    capital assets so that they could efficiently occupy a corner of our
    personal bedroom. Forgetting to count, we renamed ourself
    Annagrammatica, based on the misperception that it would take
    up less space and also because Annagrammatica is even more
    ambiguous than Zero Gravity, allowing us to diversify in whatever
    direction seemed like a good idea at the time. Accordingly, we
    introduced several product lines, including gifts, greeting cards,
    and books (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) for children and adults—
    all featuring our unique whimsical style, distinctive treatment of
    spiritual and topical matters, and flawless punctuation with
    particular emphasis on the placement of hyphens.

    Over the years Annagrammatica has broadened its education
    program with an array of e-courses, print and audio products,
    brown-bag and weeklong workshops, brand coaching, business-
    writing and meditation classes, blogs, podcasts, and leaflets
    dropped from airplanes (giving rise to the motto "Proudly Clogging
    Storm Drains Since 2007").

    For more information about Annagrammatica's joyous and whimsical
    projects and mind-blowing accomplishments, please see author
    portfolio. To inquire about writing and editing services, on-site
    and online courses, or speaker availability, please email
    mary@annagrammatica.com or call 402-619-2133.
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