In-person interview
One- or two-page résume
One page of references
Standard cover letter
Print, PDF, & MSWord formats
Delivered online and on CD

Job-specific résumé
Custom cover letter
Supporting materials
24-hour turnaround

    A good résumé won't guarantee you a job, but a bad résumé can knock you completely out
    of the running. A great résumé can boost your chances of getting an interview, especially
    if it's supported by a well-crafted cover letter. More than work history and education, a
    résumé  can create a memorable image of a well-rounded human being.

    What makes a résumé great?

    CLARITY. Readability is Number One. A quick scan should tell the reader who you are and
    what you've done. That means a clean, crisp document that's
mechanically correct, with flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage
free from jargon and elaborate prose
concise but informative
accurate but not tediously factual

    APPEARANCE. Formatting should be simple. A little cautious elegance is fine as long as it
    doesn't call attention to itself. Stick with basic type styles and standard fonts that won't
    get scrambled in electronic transmittal.

    SELECTIVE DETAILS. Carefully chosen achievements and personal interests help potential
    employers see your qualifications in balance. Keeping in mind that several underlings might
    screen your résumé before it ends up on the boss's desk, it's still a good idea to include selected
    volunteer activities and personal attributes on most résumés. Depending on the employer and
    the nature of the job,
Do include work with organizations such as Boys' and Girls' Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, PTA,
and groups that support community gardens, museums, zoos, art societies, and so forth—and
mention offices you've held and awards received.
Use your own judgment regarding religious affiliation and activities.
Do include hobbies and interests that reveal particular talents and abilities, such as
    woodworking, backpacking, and bicycling. Why? Read on....

    Résumé updates are billed by the hour. So you can
    make minor changes on your own, we use common
    fonts such as Palatino Linotype. Standard fonts are
    also preferable for documents that will be viewed on
    multiple electronic devices.
    * Phone interviews also available
Job-specific résumés aren't recommended.
Use cover letters to tailor your application.
Intro. special; regular price $55.
$20 due at interview, balance on delivery
    KEEP YOUR DOCUMENTS CURRENT. Throughout your career, your résumé will be sought for
    publications, presentations, organization memberships, and other uses. Update your résumé
    every time there's a change in your career, education, credentials, or community involvement.
    JIM'S STORY. Jim had never had a résumé. He went to college for a year, got average
    grades, left school to help his brother-in-law paint houses, then chalked up a string of
    nine- to ten-month jobs. After poking and prodding for half an hour, I found the reason for
    his lackluster career: His passion was bicycle marathons. He spent his summers bicycling
    around the country and—once, thanks to a windfall—through Europe. Every year he did at
    least one coast-to-coast ride. Now he was a new dad, committed to starting a career and
    determined to work his way up the ladder.

    Folks, this is solid gold on a résumé, telling prospective employers what they can't ask...
    about health, energy, stamina, commitment, and character. A lot of companies are looking
    for people like Jim—diamonds in the rough who are willing to work hard and eager to
    learn. Jim got snapped up by a midsize company that put him through school after a year
    on the job. Last I heard, he was all but running the place.