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Ready, Set, Organize! by Pipi Campbell Peterson with
Mary Campbell. Review: This book is especially valuable
because it gives much more than just organizing tips. It
outlines an organizing SYSTEM, based on your values and
needs, that can last a lifetime. There's a lot of humor but
the book is serious about organizing, from closets to
home offices to kids' school papers to other important
papers -- insurance policies, financial records, etc.
Survived to Tell: The Autobiography of Edward
, ed. by Mary Campbell. Review:  
Microelectronics pioneer Keonijian [was] born in 1909 ...
in Tsarist Russia, [earned] a doctorate from the Leningrad
Institute of Electrical Engineering, [survived the Siege of
Leningrad and its horrors]... arrested during Stalin's
Terror... incarcerated in a German concentration camp...
He emigrated to the U.S., where he [helped develop]
the first transistorized circuit boards... [and the lunar
module].... well-written memoir
(Publishers Weekly)....
Herbs: Growing and Using the Plants of Romance, by Bill
and Sylvia Varney; edited by Scott Millard and
. Ironwood Press, Tucson. Review: It is...
exactly what we were looking for. It tells about the
herb, [its] history, how to plant it, ...[varieties], and
how to use it....
This book gave me so many ideas
beyond adding the herb to salads or teas.
A Doubleday Book Club Main Selection ■ Ben Franklin
Award, Best Gardening Book, 1999

    weekly column for ABCNEWS
    Online: Originated,
    researched, and written by
    Mary Campbell 1996-2001
    Come Back to Nebraska
    promotion with Lea Schuster,
    RDG Planning & Design
    KidStructure project, with
    architect Bradley R. Milton.
    "KidStructure stretches the
    definition of traditional
    'playhouse' design. These
    unique and adventurous
    structures encourage
    interactive learning, garden
    exploration and, most
    important, imagination....
    Review in Consumer Health Connection, a publication of the Medical Library
    Association: Devgan, Uday.  Cataract Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Cataract
    Treatment. Addicus Books, 2008. 121 p. Index. ISBN 978-1-886039-94-0.
    $21.95. (Mary Campbell, ghostwriter and researcher)

    Dr. Uday Devgan, Chief of Ophthalmology at UCLA Medical Center and
    Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine, has written a
    concise overview of cataract surgery.   The format is logical, moving
    from anatomy and definitions to causes and risk factors to surgery and
    recovery.  A 19-page glossary defines words printed in italics throughout
    the text. The type is large, with a lot of white space, which will be
    appreciated by those with cataracts themselves.... Cataract Surgery is a
    welcome addition to consumer health collections. —Cara Helfner, MSLIS,
    Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA

    Review in LibraryJournal.com, 2/13/2009: Devgan, Uday, M.D. Cataract
    Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Cataract Treatment. Addicus. Feb. 2009. c.
    136p. illus. index. ISBN 978-1-886039-94-0. pap. $19.95. HEALTH (Mary
    Campbell, ghostwriter and researcher)

    Verdict: A comprehensive guide to how cataracts form, their diagnosis,
    and treatment options. This book would be very useful in consumer
    health collections and a good addition to any public library with a large
    middle-aged or older clientele.

    Background: ...Devgan (associate clinical professor, Jules Stein Eye Inst.,
    UCLA) provides a lucid explanation of the procedure...with an extensive
    medical glossary featuring [in large print].—Elyse Pike, Health Sciences
    Lib., Grey Bruce Health Svcs., Owen Sound, Ont., Canada
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prayers, meditations, songs,
Unfamiliar Territory:
Prayers, Meditations, and
Songs, Vol. 1,
by Mary
    Section 27—A Century on a Family Farm, by Milferd
    Penner, edited by Mary Campbell
    In this collection of brief, evocative vignettes, Penner
    traces the influence of pioneer roots on the present
    generation as he chronicles the transformation of the
    land from untouched prairie to productive farmland.
    Also: Kansas Journeys, 1986
    Prairie: The Land and Its People, 1989